Need a server?

Load shedding costing you

We provide dedicated and shared file servers, web servers,
database servers, gateway servers and telephony servers.
We can provide server solutions for all businesses needs!

At our CCS hosting facility all our systems have enjoyed 99.9%
uptime over the past 2 years. For on-site mission critical server
availability we can also provide you with UPS, solutions,
failover configurations and bonded data services so your
server never goes offline. If it is high performance you are after
we offer gigabit fibre connectivity, sub-millisecond latency rack
space, multi-processor systems, HPCC disks arrays finely tuned
to meet the performance requirements of your business.

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Get up and running quickly

complete office set-ups quickly and professionally

Let us take care of all the set up hassles and let you concentrate on your business activities

Hardware install: Server racks, switches, computers, telephony, ADSL, cctv, alarms, office automation.
Software set up: Telephony, campaign mangement, operating systems, security. Installation, configuration, optimisation of all software from A-Z.
Network & Electrical cabling: cat5, fibre, analoge phone lines, alarm wiring, DB board work carried out by qualified technicians.

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Computer repair

and support anytime, anywhere!

We can provide remote and on-site support 24/7/365 for any hardware of software related problems. Be it a small office laptop or an enterprise class server. Not problem is too small or too big of us.

Call Centre Systems an experienced professional support person ready to help you wherever you have an IT problem whenever you have an IT problem. All our technical staff go through rigorous training so get the kind of service you pay for, rather than having to settle for the kind of service you can get.

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Software development

any software solution you need, we can create it

Websites, campaign software, database applications, reporting dashboards, spreadsheets developed to world-class standards

Over 15 years software development experience: We have been developed software in most programming languages on most platforms for top blue chip european clients.
Sectors exposure: Telmarketing, Insurance, Energy trading, credit risk, forex algo-trading strategy development and back-testing, pharmaceuticals, advertising industry. We have worked with them all.

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Stay in control of your business

from wherever you are

We can give you access to everything at the click of a button.

Complete control of your electronic switchboard:
View who is calling, monitor them, take over the call, end calls, replay call recordings
Complete control over your servers:
Do everything remotely on your servers, cctv, lights or network that you could do if you were sitting in front of them
Get alerts by SMS, email, telephone call, Skype or Whatsapp:
Get server alerts, cctv alerts, alarm, alerts, in fact alerts for anything you want to be notified of.

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Voice and Data

Reduce your phone costs by up to 55%! See which voice package is right for you.


Equipment Rental
Don't worry about the risk and expense of buying right now. Rent first, buy when sure.


Your Business
We have solutions for every area of risk that your business faces.


Maximise your business potential. We can help accomplish success.

More than Call Centre Systems

Whatever you business. Whatever products or services you need. Wherever you need them. Whenever you need them.

We can help. We are available on the phone, via email, webchat, Skype, Whatsapp and face to face, to give you help and advice on finding solutions for your business.

We are so much more than call centre systems!

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